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Why Do Girls Cheat?


Why do girls cheat?

At some point or another, almost everyone goes through it.

It starts with questions: Why? Why did you do it? Next is usually anger, followed by feelings of inadequacy, perhaps a good ole month or two (or four, or ten…) of depression, and eventually recovery.

Asking why girls cheat as if there’s one blanket statement to explain it all is ridiculous. When girls decide to cheat it’s usually a combination of several things, but sometimes it isn’t: sometimes they’re just insecure, validation seeking whores.

Assuming the latter isn’t the case, what are some of the common explanations of why girls cheat?

Well, there’s an evolutionary bit saying they want Mr. Good Genes around the time of ovulation; there’s a common sense bit saying if they aren’t satisfied they’ll turn to others for satisfaction, and there’s the bitter man’s view that all women are just insecure, validation seeking whores.


Women cheat when they feel a lack of satisfaction in their relationship, usually related to a lack of passion from their man.


Basically, if a girl feels like you don’t want to fuck her brains out like you used to, she will be tempted to find someone else who does. Especially if she’s hot. And she better be – if you’re a regular reader who doesn’t have a hot girlfriend, click here to find out how to get one.

I recently did a video where I rant (in HD, for your viewing pleasure) about how dumb it is to worry about girls being cheating due to factors outside your control. Regardless of why she cheats, the only factors you should even acknowledge as existing are ones you can do something about.

Watch the video, and when you’re done scroll down for my top tips on how to keep your girlfriend satisfied. No, penis pills did not make the list.




How Do I Avoid Getting Cheated On?


Several people email me this one each week – which is good, because it means me staying up late writing this might help someone, somewhere. Here are some of the best ways to make sure you keep your relationship on the up and keep your woman satisfied.

1) Stop Dating Backwards

Guys put their best foot forward in the beginning, often bringing a girl surprise flowers, taking her to dinner, and being so adventurous Indiana Jones looks like a doofus by comparison. No woman wants to stay in a relationship that gets worse as it goes, but that’s almost always the case.

Guys set the bar high then let it slip as the relationship moves on, resulting in the girl feeling disappointed and unsatisfied.

2) Make Her Come

The importance of great sex is almost never given proper attention.

Be open minded, and NEVER make her feel judged. Encourage her to talk to you and explain what she wants and how she likes it. Use toys! Lots of guys seem intimidated by this, but it’s really not that hard – women LOVE vibrators. Go get a small one, but make sure it’s got some kick (if you get a big one it makes certain positions difficult) and leave it on the bed with a sexy outfit of some kind.

She might be too nervous or shy to do use the new stuff right away, but her seeing you’re serious and open to kinky shit will reassure her that you won’t be a dick if she opens up about her freaky fantasies.

3) Communicate Effectively

Cliche time!

Really though, it’s amazing advice. If you don’t communicate well, she won’t feel comfortable bringing things up with you. If you get angry or defensive when she critiques you or voices concerns, she’ll communicate with Bob down the street instead.

Be open minded, relaxed, and learn to roll with the punches. Don’t get mad at her if she tells you you suck in bed or she’s feeling unhappy lately, be grateful you have a solid woman who comes to you instead of running to someone else.

Lead by example and talk to her when you have issues.


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