A Book on Dating, Lifestyle, and Relationships

You only get one shot at life.


If you ask a man how he’d like his life to be, he’ll be able to tell you right away. What kind of car he wants, what kind of job he’d enjoy, where he would live, and what his ideal woman is like. But for most men, that’s where it ends.

This book is packed full of the different insights I have gained over the past few years of helping men achieve their ideal lifestyles. From business to relationships, personal development to dating, it’s all covered.

Each topic is discussed in depth, and I provide solutions to common problems – including real, useful advice you can implement right away. This book is a comprehensive look at redefining the lifestyle of the modern man.

Don’t be like most men. Refuse to live an average life. You have the opportunity to change at your fingertips – will you take it?

Thank you everyone for the overwhelming interest in my book!
In response to all the emails I’ve been receiving, the most current projected release date will be listed here.

The projected release date is: 06/18/2013

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