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What Attracts Women?Do women look at you and think you’re worth dating?

Do they think you’re relationship material?

High value women can tell in an instant if you’re a date or a dud. Everything from the way you hold yourself to the way other people react to you gives her the information she needs to make a decision.

Take a look at our checklist and see how you stack up.

#1. First Impression

Before you open your mouth, and possibly before you even notice her, she’s already forming an impression of you. Are you well groomed? Are you well put together? Do you look nervous?

If you don’t look like you give a shit about your appearance, you’re already dead in the water. I’m not saying you need to be Giorgio Armani, but you do need to make sure your nose hair stays in your nose.

Be comfortable in a social atmosphere, and if you aren’t, try your best to fake it for now. Maintain good posture, solid eye contact, and project your voice. Go out more, get used to mingling with others, and eventually being confident and comfortable will come naturally.

#2. Your Non-Verbal Giveaways

Don't be nervous on a dateIt’s impossible to monitor and control each of your thousands of subtle non-verbal giveaways. Lots of guys try to do this  and they come across as awkward and unnatural, so instead focus on the things that cause you to display unattractive non-verbal cues in the first place.

One of the best things you can do is get comfortable with who you are. As cliché as it sounds, it’s true – if you don’t like you, and you aren’t happy with who you are, no one who is satisfied with who they are is going to like you.

Figure out what value you bring to the table; what can you offer that other guys can’t?

When a guy is uneasy in his own skin it’s extremely unattractive to women. Know who you are, what you’re about, and be proud of it.

#3. Are You Inexperienced?No experience? Hire a dating coach and get out there

When an attractive woman is screening for a potential date, she doesn’t want a guy she has to teach along the way. She wants a guy who knows how to take charge, who is accustomed to being around attractive women, and who has seen a thing or two in life; not a guy who acts like it’s his first time talking to a hot girl.

If you have no life experience – especially in terms of dating – it’s going to be difficult to be a fun, interesting, value giving guy. If you have great stories, cool experiences, and lots to share, you have lots of value to give. Ultimately, the most attractive thing to a woman is value, so get out there and live a little.

#4. How Do You Handle Relationships?

If you have no idea about relationships, you’re probably going to screw a few up. That’s OK – it’s part of the process.

Like anything though, it helps to know someone else who has already made a bunch of mistakes so you don’t have to. Take our in person dating bootcamp, and we’ll fly to your city and teach you 1-on-1 for an entire weekend. We’ll pinpoint the things that are holding you back and coach you through your biggest obstacles, then break down the dating process so you can start dating RIGHT AWAY. Click here for more info.

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